The standard social narrative is degrading with each passing month.

No longer is it possible for someone to spend 40 years in a single career. Buying a house in this economy is starting to look like a horrible investment, as more and more people are finding it more enjoyable and cost efficient to use that mortgage money to travel the world and sleep at Air BnB’s.

Bachelor’s degrees are starting to become worthless, and the cost of a post-grad education puts many people my age in indentured servitude for nearly a third of their lives. And those who are willing to do so, don’t even end up getting a job in their field of study, ending up living their lives paying off an education that never paid the promises that were promised to them.

For fuck’s sake, I know many people who don’t even consider ever getting married or having children.

You know that dream of having a big house with a white picket fence, 2.5 children, and a decent retirement fund?  It’s dead. 

Yet, the social pressure to achieve exactly that seems to prevail.

When was the last time you met anyone with a burning desire to become someone incredible or to do something amazing?

I believe that we’re so focused on making other people happy, that we get sucked into spending our entire lives trying to impress people that don’t matter to us. Or we’re pressured by our parents and grandparents to become some kind of human trophy that they could show off to strangers that don’t even matter to them.

This “social pressure” to follow the path of generic success is leading most people to live lives that they don’t want to live.

And to that, I respectfully say, FUCK YOU society.

This blog is my personal attempt to revolt at the common social narrative. I’m going to use this site as my personal vehicle of accountability. The upcoming challenges that I plan on undertaking will show you all the fun and enjoyment that comes along with all the struggle and pain of progress.

I want to document all facets of my progress, good and bad, to give a realistic view of what it actually takes for someone with a burning desire to become someone incredible and to do amazing things.

I know, this is a lot of big talk from a nobody. But hey, everyone has to start from somewhere.