This is my first and only poem.

I wrote this when I was single and struggling to understand what it was that I loved about the feminity of women.

I’ve never really studied, let alone, read much poetry. I could only imagine how terrible this poem may be to someone who actually knows their shit.

Regardless, I enjoyed writing it.

Check it out:

A Better Man

What do I like about a woman?

I could tell you about the shape of her hips
The plumpness of her lips
The curl of her smile or the way she’s styled

But that’s not what I love about women

I love their willingness to be emotional without regard
Which forces me to be stoic when times are hard
I love how they can fill a room with pleasure and joy
Shying hardened men into hopeless little boys

They always seem to test a man’s patience
Some even acting as if they’re high maintenance
Because what is a man if he can’t endure
Such trivial matters within life’s grandeur?
So this begs the question

What does a woman demand from her man?

To lead when no one can
To forgive and understand
To create a path of his own when none is at hand
Now ask me a better question

What is it that I love about women?

It’s that my yearning for them
Will ultimately
Make me

Become, a better man.