For this blog to work, I need to have one fundamental skill down:

Time management.

There’s absolutely no way I could take care of my dog, be a great boyfriend, keep a consistent fitness regime, work full-time, sleep, and create quality content without managing my time more efficiently.

I’ve been trying to “wing-it” for the past few weeks and I just can’t do it.

When you need to eat everything on your plate, you can’t just dive in without a plan. You need a method. You need a plan of attack.¬†My plate has been so full nowadays that I’m setting myself up for failure in all my endeavors if I don’t get this handled.

The primary goal of this blog is to do twelve consecutive 30-day challenges for 2017.

This objective precedes all others. There’s no way I can ever be happy if I don’t have something that I’m doing for myself, at all costs. I’m too much of a giver, and at this rate, I’m going to give all my time away to anything/anyone that asks nicely.

I need this more than anything.

To prepare myself for such an undertaking (and to actually fucking enjoy it) I can no longer go about my days like a blind-folded idiot. I’m going to have to plan my days like any professional plans their days.

It sounds like I’m a fucking idiot for not already doing this, I know.

With a new puppy, a new relationship, and a new undertaking of my passions, I need structure. I have other things that demand my attention, and “winging it” just won’t do.

I’m finding that I’m getting infuriated with myself at the end of every night. That’s unacceptable. I can’t allow myself to get angry about something that’s so simple to correct.

That stops here. The fucking pity party and the complaining stops NOW. From this day onwards, everything will be planned, including my free time. No more fucking around.

Most people don’t take their time seriously unless it belongs to someone else.

Work and school are great examples of this. When your time belongs to something, people will understand. You will understand. If you can’t manage your time, you’ll be in my position: crying about it in an obscure little corner of the internet.

Fuck that. Discipline = freedom.

Allocate your resources. Adhere to budgets. Execute.