Yesterday I wrote just about 1200 words in my personal journal.

What’s funny is that I still write in a blog worthy publication, so if the subject matter wasn’t so sensitive, I’m sure it would’ve been a killer post. I’ll probably post it sometime in the future when the sensitivity of the subject matter has dissipated.

Anyway, I decided to switch out one of my books for the month.

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss is too much like a reference book that it just doesn’t fit the bill for my challenge. Instead, I got an audiobook copy of Gary Vaynerchuk’s #askgaryvee, and I’m making some decent headway with it. I bought the hardcover months ago, but I’m only now starting to consume it.

I’m going to keep today’s writing short and succinct: roll with the punches.

Plans are great, and you should always make them, but when it comes to executing them, life has a way of interjecting obstacles that can veer you off track. Instead of fighting back, learn from the situation and slightly adjust your approach.

I’m definitely feeling the burden of creating something every single day. My own expectations of what I feel like I’m able to create sometimes holds me back. It’s tough to admit that, especially when my shit isn’t even that great.

A few things that I’ve learned about myself since starting this challenge:

  • When push comes to shove, I just have to start writing, and it’ll only be a matter of time before an idea strikes me that motivates me to create. I’ve alluded to this in a past post.
  • I write my best when I know what I’m talking about, which motivates me to read more, but also hinders my motivation to write. The more you learn, the more you learn that you don’t know anything.
  • Answering a question tends to be the best way for me to come up with new and novel content. My private journal can attest to that.
  • I should relish in the fact that this blog is unnoticed and obscure. This gives me the freedom to write whatever I want without any kind of pressure from an audience.
  • Action makes me more of a reason to write than inaction. Sure reading books maybe doing something, but there’s not much personal experience that you can write about with self-development books without paraphrasing the author’s words.
  • The two-week lull in motivation is very true for me. I need to understand that about myself and plan accordingly for my future challenges.
  • I use bullets a lot.
  • Some days, I just don’t feel like writing.
Well, that’s that. Writing quota for today is COMPLETED. Time to get all my other shit done.

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