I’ve noticed that a tremendous sticking point for people when it comes to reading is that they “don’t have enough time” or “reading gets me so sleepy.”

Well, they’re right.

There’s a fuck ton of books out there. There’s so much knowledge and value that can be extracted from reading, but a lot of these books just aren’t captivating enough to really draw in and gain commitment from a novice reader.

Thinking about this, I thought about how similar this was to the dating scene.

When you go out and start to meet a lot of different women, you build up a certain level of social instinct of who’s actually attracted to you, and who isn’t. Anyone who’s spent a decent amount of time being social will eventually develop this weird “sixth sense” of social energy awareness.

Why waste all your time and effort on something that isn’t attracted to you?

This concept would’ve helped me tremendously with all my grade school and high school crushes. So many guys get hung the fuck up on a specific girl, or their romantic visions of being with that specific girl, that they completely ignore the fact that the attraction just isn’t there.

If someone simply isn’t attracted to you, then it’s in your favor to just accept that fact and move on. Would you want to be with someone that you aren’t attracted to?

Nah, fuck that.

A big part of gaining this “abundance mindset” is exposing yourself to a large number of people. From that large data set of social experience, you’ll find that there’s a ton of cute girls that really like you. Out of all those cute girls, there’s a few that YOU actually really like.

These are the ones that you should be pursuing. Over time, as your self-development and social skills evolve, you’ll find that the quality of these particular girls will increase.

By pursuing those whom you share a genuine attraction with, you resolve the need to “be in pursuit.”

BUT, how does this all come back to reading?

If you’re not already someone who is always in the process of finishing a book, then I suggest going out and finding a single book that YOU actually WANT to read.

Go to Barnes & Nobel and pick out 10 books that you personally find interesting, find a spot to sit down, then read a little from each. Repeat the process until you find a book that legitimately captures your attention.

In the beginning, think about of making the act of reading a daily habit.

To do this, make it easy on yourself and read shit that’s incredibly captivating and entertaining.

After you pound through five or so books in a row that you’ve found really interesting, you could move onto something more challenging or dense, where the value of the book isn’t simply given to you, but rather developed from within by having you make personal connections with the information that you’re taking in.

Don’t get hung up on a book that’s tough to read because of what you think you get from it IF you actually read it. Just start reading shit that you could actually read and truly enjoy. Later down the road, when you establish reading as a legitimate habit, you could take on those books that are a bit more difficult.

During the process, your mind will develop, and you’ll actually be able to consume higher levels of information. You might even begin to prefer it.

Just like the dating scene, the better you get socially, the more able and willing you’ll become to do more socially difficult things.

As with reading, the more you read, the more able and willing you’ll become to read higher value books.


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