My last two posts took just about 90 minutes each to design, write, and edit. Today, that time and mental effort aren’t readily available so fuck it.

It’s my blog. I do what I want.

I’m just about done with “Achieve” by Dr. Chris Friesen Ph.D. and my other three books just arrived today.

I’m going to dive into Tim Ferris’s “Tools of Titans” first because I think it’ll give me a much broader range of topics to cover in order to start planning my upcoming challenges, but I’m equally excited to dive into Michael Bungay Stanier’s books after thumbing through them for a few minutes.

Getting new books is always exciting.

I’ve always been a huge fan of audiobooks, but there’s something unique about holding the information that you’re about to consume in your hands. I wish I could have all the audiobooks that I’ve completed in their physical form to have a bookshelf of mental trophies, but that’ll have to wait until I start making some decent cash.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the format of my upcoming year of challenges. It might not be 12 back-to-back challenges as I had planned. It would be best to have a week of planning before each challenge and a week after to distil all the lessons that I accumulate throughout the month.

This means I’ll have two weeks between challenges to taper off and prepare for the next month-long evolution.

  • Each challenge will have a specific endpoint goal and a hypothesis on how to achieve that goal.
  • At the beginning of each month, I will develop a plan to execute and list all the tools that will be used for the challenge.
  • The challenge itself will be the actual test for my hypothesis.
  • I will collect data as best as I could throughout my experiment in order to measure my progress and manage my variables.
  • At the end of each month, I’ll gather and interpret that data to make a definitive conclusion for the results of my month-long experiment.

The overall goal is to make each challenge transparent and easily repeatable for anyone who may want to try it. My results and findings may help those who undertake similar challenges in the future to modify their experiments to reach better conclusions.

Anyway, that’s the fucking plan.

Now, I’m going to dive into this book and enjoy the rest of my evening.



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