Sometimes when I sit in front of my keyboard, without a single thought in my mind or anything important to write about, I think about this feeling and how it connects me to the greatest events in history.

That same feeling comes over me when I’m about to undertake some physical feat, like run five miles or swim 500 meters. No matter how brief or how long, there’s always that single moment of hesitation before every success or failure.

That moment–that spaceis the single most important moment in life.

  • Presidents have that moment before they announce significant events to the people.
  • Olympic gold medalists have that moment right before they compete in their events.
  • Snipers have that moment right before they pull the trigger.
  • Writers have that moment when they open up a blank word processing document.
  • Young men have that moment right before they talk to new women.

I could go on and on with the examples, but I’m sure that I’ve made my point.

The most important moment of your life happens to you every single time you’re about to undertake something of significance. Sure, some of those moments may mean more than others, but learning how to push yourself past that small barrier every single time it confronts you, will ultimately change your life.

Fear, cowardice, and regret all stem from succumbing to that brief moment of hesitation. Conversely, bravery, courage, and pride are all products of overcoming that same moment of hesitation.

To exploit this simple understanding, you need to be more mindful towards these moments. You need to understand the importance of what you may lose if you don’t pass this basic universal barrier. Then, you need to know that you truly don’t have anything to lose, because regardless of the outcome that you receive, you will always gain knowledge from experience.

Had I not pushed past that moment of hesitation, I wouldn’t have a girlfriend. I wouldn’t have this blog. I wouldn’t have been able to write this post.

If you ever want change in your life, if you ever want to grow and learn, if you ever want to become something that you’ve always dreamed of becoming, you need to understand the importance of that single moment of hesitation.

Look forward to those moments. Pay those moments the respect that they deserve. Live your life however you want to live it, but understand that fortune favors the bold, and wisdom is only awarded through failure.


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