This will be my new weekly schedule.

The themed days will become categories that I’ll post for throughout the week. Once I get a few weeks of this in, I’ll change the layout of the blog to include the each themed day as a menu option for easy reference.

“Once you give something structure, the fun part is filling it in.”

As I progress into this year’s upcoming 30-day challenges, I’ll still adhere to the weekly structure that I’ve laid out below, but the months themselves will have a theme that the weeks within them will align with.


Sundays will be my day for posting a video of some sort.

In the past, I had a personal vlog called The Sunday Supreme, where I would discuss my insights and thoughts about certain events of the past week. In time, I want to expand into making videos every day, but for now, Sunday will have to do.


Mondays will be my day for making a post about planning something.

Starting next year, I plan on undertaking 30-day challenges for every month of the year to build up my creative skill sets and have something to write/talk about. Mondays will be the day I talk about restructuring and refining my approach for the rest of the week.


Tuesdays are for sharing music.

I’m an avid music lover, and I spend a ton of time sifting through endless seas of digital shit in order to find that good-good for your soul. I’ll be posting some of my favorite finds (old and new, but mostly new) on this day. Without a soundtrack to your life, everything seems less interesting. Always make room for music.


Wednesdays will be for writing, merely for the fact that writing starts with “w.”

On this day, I will post something that I’m proud of that’s around the 500-word length. Sometimes I get too excited and end up writing 1500-2000 words, but I’ll try and keep it short. If I could say in 500 words what typically takes me 2000 words, then I’m doing it right.


Thursdays will be my day to review a book.

I read, at the very minimum, a book a week. I do this mainly through the use of listening to audiobooks while driving or walking my dog, so take the word “read” with a grain of salt. Having a day to reflect deeply on a book that I’ve recently read would be a good way of hardwiring that knowledge into my psyche.


Fridays will by my day to scour WordPress blogs, Youtube Channels and other avenues of content creation and send out some love.

I don’t care so much about others liking my work, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not an active participant in showing my love for the work of others. I may use this day to post a Yelp review that I just wrote or recommend a blog or YouTube channel, but this day will be focused on literally sending out “likes” and comments to all those who work hard to keep me entertained.


On Saturdays, I’ll gather a sampling of all the interesting things that I find on Reddit for the past week.

I dig deeper than your average casual user, so it’ll be fun to share some of the cool stuff that I stumble upon. This might be a collage of images, a response that I really enjoyed writing or reading, or some other form of being attention to others because I see some kind of value in their content.





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