You don’t become amazing if you keep thinking reasonably.

A person who excels above others learns to be comfortable when surrounded by doubt, worry, and failure. Regardless of how far you fall, if you’re consistently focused on getting up, that’s all the reason to keep pushing on. It’s a matter of making the right decisions at the right time and working hard.

Cut the bullshit and just give yourself a chance. If you are struggling with something, just push on a bit longer than you think you can. You’ll find that you are really capable of much more than what you credit yourself.

Physical pain and emotional pain can be overcome with physical strength and emotional strength. It just takes the right mindset to pursue it actively.

Complaining and living a life that is governed by doubt, worry and failure won’t give you the satisfaction you need to be happy.

The best type of failure is the one you get after you’ve tried your hardest not to fail. It should fuel you to work harder, think smarter and react better.

  • Good failures bring you down to earth and improve your direction and motive.
  • Good failures make you think about what you can do to become better.
  • Bad failures happen when you don’t think things through, and you beat yourself up for it.
  • Bad failures make you want to quit whatever you were initially pursuing because everything is just too complicated and challenging.
  • Bad failures happen when you fail and automatically begin to think negatively, then find yourself too lazy to find a solution.

Well, guess what happens to be the difference between the two?

Good and bad failures are exactly the same.

It’s your mindset that determines which perspective you ultimately follow.

It might make perfect sense when you read this, but it’s not until you actually feel like shit and begin questioning yourself that you know what I’m saying.

Like halfway through your first 10-mile run when you think that it just might be too far. Or halfway through a challenging study session where you find yourself not learning anything after six hours of reading. Maybe you just started a training regime, and you gained ten pounds. Shit, maybe you feel like you’re too old to pursue what younger, better “planned-out” people are pursuing.

I’m talking about that really low feeling you get when things just seem to turn to complete shit.

I’m writing this with personal experience. By no means am I great at anything, but on many occasions, I’ve managed to fuel myself solely on willpower and reaped the rewards of doing so.

It is truly motivating to hit any goal and to begin to go farther than you originally planned. The sad thing is, there happens to be just enough hardship between wishing for your dreams and actually achieving them, that so many people to quit way before they ever really began.

Keep in mind that no matter what trouble you may be facing, no matter how significant it may or may not be, you always have to pick one path between two choices: push on or give up.

Take my advice, push on.

Cut the bullshit and just give yourself a chance to succeed. If you just let yourself push on, your goals will be attained, your wishes fulfilled, and your whole life will be elevated a step higher than those who face similar obstacles and choose to give up.

Give yourself a fucking chance.


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