Have you ever been interested in a YouTube video, started to watch it, then stopped because it was too damn long?

What about clicking on an article that looks interesting, only to see that it’s long as fuck and you pass it up because you ain’t got no time fo’ dat shit.

You acted that way because these three things were either out of balance or weren’t met at all:

  1. Keep it short and simple.
  2. Make it emotionally charged
  3. Deliver it with undeniable confidence.

If you create content and want people to consume it, the balance of these three things will give you the best chance at gathering an audience.

I mean, look at Donald Trump.

He always kept things short, delivered it with charisma, and everything he said invoked strong emotions within people. It doesn’t even matter what emotions he invoked.

Positive or negative, you’re still allowing yourself to feel strongly about him, and at that point, he’s already in your head, and you’re following his lead.

I’m not going to get into any political talk, mostly because I don’t know shit about politics, but his example of keeping things simple, making it emotionally charged, and delivering it with undeniable confidence stands true.

This is why these three things work:

Keep Things Short & Simple

Imagine two people:

  • The first person could explain something to you in five minutes and guarantee that you’ll understand it.
  • The second person could describe that same thing to you in two sentences and still ensure that you’ll understand it.

Who would you want to listen to?

The same idea works with technology. iPhones have a simple interface, a single button, and it’s OS is intuitive as fuck. And for those reasons, it’s the most popular phone to ever hit the market.

When you keep things simple, you are doing all the work for your audience.

By making things as easy as possible for your audience to consume, they will be more likely to consume it. Not only that, but many more people will be willing to consume whatever it is you’re offering for the simple fact that it’s easy to consume.

Make It Emotionally Charged

This is sales and marketing 101.

The way to make anything stick inside someone’s head is to give emotion to it. Have you seen those Newport cigarette ads in magazines where no one is smoking, and everyone is just having fun?

You don’t sell your product; you sell the emotions that your product can give.

Having emotions about something tells our minds that we have some deeper level of investment for that thing. Being the extremely social creatures that we are, we also tend to mirror the emotions of those who we pay attention to.

If you’re in a great mood and you project that energy to everyone that you talk to, you’ll see that attitude reflected back onto you more often than not. This works because most people are going about their day with a neutral vibe and neutral vibes are the easiest to sway when emotional energy is being projected.

Emotions = investment, and you can create emotions by being emotionally charged.

Deliver With Undeniable Confidence

No one is going to listen to you, let alone any horseshit that you have to say if you don’t believe in yourself.

Confidence and decisiveness are qualities that people tend to gravitate towards. The very moment we see someone, we begin judging them on how confident they are of themselves.

From the intonation of their voice to their body language and how they carry a conversation, we are always looking for signals of confidence.

Why? Because confidence = trust.

No one will listen to someone who is unsure of themselves. But, if you speak to someone with complete confidence in yourself about whatever you’re talking about, not only will you get their attention, you’ll be more likely to have them follow your lead.

Final Thoughts

If these three things are in balance, then you end up with something that’s both powerful and easily consumable. People are hungry for that shit, regardless if it’s bad for them.

Feed them!

Get to the fucking point, make that shit pop, and believe the fuck out of it.



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