What exactly is your “edge”?

Your “edge” is that line separates comfortable from uncomfortable.

  • Many people live their lives behind their edge.
  • They stick to what’s familiar and safe.
  • They don’t draw much attention to themselves and tend to take routes in life that are well traveled and reliable.

There’s nothing wrong with this, as the majority of people on this earth, have and will, live their lives in such a fashion. And since success in any shape or form is what most people want, many end up choosing the path of least resistance to achieve it.

The thing is, living just beyond your edge is ONLY the recipe for progress.

Stepping beyond that line of comfort and into that cold arena of imminent shame and failure is what we do when we push for things that we don’t have within our current reach.

Yes, it can be exhilarating, but enduring such stress under a regular basis can quickly become exhausting—but it can be done.

You just have to remember that it’ll all be worth it the day you find yourself having already achieved your initial goals and with far more challenging ones in their place.

You want to expose yourself to as much emotional trauma as possible. Every time you do something that makes you super nervous, you grow as a person and expand your comfort zone. I went into a Ruby Tuesdays after I talked to this girl today and approached the hostess in front of her coworkers. I did it because it made me nervous. Now my comfort zone has expanded even further. There is no way around feeling nervous either. You have to develop will power and barrel through your emotions which are holding you back from progressing. Realize that your emotions are designed to keep you in place. You have to actively fight against them until they adjust to your new reality (new comfort zones).

– whatwasigonnasay, via Reddit

Apparently, this guy is talking about improving his social skills with women, but at its core, he’s saying that the very act of stepping out of your comfort zone to expand your personal horizons is a fundamental aspect of personal development.

Going for a run makes for an excellent example of this process.

If it’s a short distance, holding a pace beyond what you’re capable of is like a quick leap beyond your edge and back. Keeping a good pace for a longer distance can show you how long you could weather the pain of living beyond your edge.

The more you do it, the more experiences that your mind and body will have to work with to acclimate, and ultimately, redefine where that edge lays.

Redefining the edge in one aspect of your life can massively improve all aspects of your life.

Whether it’s your social skills or a feat of physical fitness—there’s a noticeable boost in a person’s confidence when they push themselves to become more effective in this world.

You could sit there and live your life as it was given to you, or you could push yourself beyond your set boundaries, thrive in adversity, and truly live the life that YOU want to live.


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