I was standing in line at the local gas station and noticed the guy standing in line in front of me.

He was about 50-60 years old. His hair was thin and dry, and his clothes were so worn down, it looked as if they’ve been through a thousand cycles in a washer.

The expression that was on his face was that of pure apathy and unrest—as if all of his life energy had been sucked out of him many, many years ago. Slowly, he stepped up to the counter and handed the cashier a crumpled lotto scratcher.

She looked at him and asked if he wanted cash or to get another scratcher. But before she could even finish her sentence, the old man was already tapping on the glass counter, pointing at another hopeless dream.

This fascinated me.

I would hate to be a person who lived his life in such quiet desperation, where strong positive emotions were scarce, yet the yearning to feel them—sometimes in any way possible—became irresistible as fuck.

This guy wasn’t really buying a $2 scratcher. He was buying the emotions that scratcher gave him.

What a fucking deal bro.

  • For only two fucking dollars this man bought 30 seconds of pure exhilaration and hope.
  • For two dollars, this man was able to get his heart racing with anticipation.
  • For two dollars his brain would be thinking about all the extravagant possibilities in his life and all the good that could come if he could finally have this one stroke of luck.

As he walked outside and scratched away that thin foil veil that was hiding away the answers to all his life’s problems, I saw nothing more than an old man who wasted $2 on a piece of paper that he thought would change his life.

Don’t be the old man who relies on some outside source of farfetched luck that’ll save him from his own self-inflicted misery.  That old man wasn’t adding value to the world. He was hoping that the universe would reward him with money for doing nothing more than hoping and praying.

The universe doesn’t give a fuck about your hopes and prayers.

The universe only pays those who work hard, and it will always pay you exactly what you deserve.

If you want to live a life where you have nice things, you need to fucking earn it. 


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