I’ve been listening to Grant Cardone’s book “Be Obsessed Or Be Average,” and it’s prolific as fuck.

My obsessions have always been a bit insidious.

No matter how hard I try to “get into” something, most times my obsessions aren’t of my exact choosing. I tend to find an interest in something; then it’s up to circumstance whether or not that interest develops into a full blown obsession.

As much as I hate to admit it, living with an open obsessive nature can be pretty dangerous.

I’ve had extremely beneficial obsessions, like my four-year obsession with clean eating and fitness. This obsession began with a bad break-up with my high school sweetheart. She broke up with me on Christmas day, and I fell into a deep, dark hole of depression.

Instead of going out and fucking all the women I could, I decided to put the focus on myself and get into shape. I turned into a hermit and found solace in my weekly improvements. I never cared much about my looks since that didn’t change from a week-to-week basis. I was more attentive to my performance.

3GS iPhone? Oh, how things have changed..

I got so fit and was so happy with planning, reaching, and surpassing my physical goals, I decided to drop out of college to pursue a career in the Navy. I wanted to become a Navy SEAL.

WELP. That never happened.

I had a few injuries that crushed that dream like no other. I also was getting too close to the cut-off age, and I decided to focus on something else. And just like that, my obsession with fitness and clean eating somewhat dissipated into nothingness.

I found myself in another depressed-like state. But, during the collapse of this obsession, another one was brewing.

I found the world of seduction and became fascinated with the real-life stories of meek and meager men becoming the very best versions of themselves. The sheer amount of content on the topic was astounding. I consumed it like no other and began to write my feelings and opinions on all the bleeding edge information that was coming out.

This not only fueled my passion for writing, but it got me out of my social comfort zone, and it helped me to finally see that I was a man who was deserving of love and adoration.

The obsession with learning how to improve my social skills overtook my world. I began going out. I talked to hundreds of people. I made a ton of new and amazing friends. I started getting attention from women that used to come extremely infrequently and without my control.

Life became the most exciting it had ever been.

But, with this obsession, I did begin to lose some of my old friends. I didn’t care at the time, as my obsessed mind just didn’t give a fuck, but looking back at how things played out, I think that not upkeeping those old relationships was one of my greatest mistakes.

Me and my girl.
A Filipino and an Armenian together never looked so good.

Since then, I’ve acquired the company of an amazing girlfriend. She’s beautiful, and her personality is out of this world. But this time, instead of sustaining some terribly timed injury, I found myself blessed with a woman whom I now deeply care for.

I’ve been wondering if my obsession with expanding my social horizons have been halted, but I don’t think that’s the case just yet.

Just because I’m not going to run around all day and night trying to stick my dick in as many holes of the opposite sex, as was my previous prerogative, doesn’t mean that I can’t continue to reach my masculine potential WHILE being faithful to the woman of which I chose to be mine.

The obsession has evolved. I just needed to realize it. Now that I’ve found the woman I’ve been looking for, it’s time to make the focus on getting the life that I’ve been dreaming of.

  • It’s time to concentrate on creating more and more content.
  • It’s time to work on developing our my relationship into a powerhouse team that could propel the both of us into living a life that many people can only dream of.
  • It’s time to focus on making money, getting fit, and learning new skills to thoroughly enjoy every single day of life from here on out.
  • It’s time to be even more social WITH my girl, and have even MORE fun.

Not many men nowadays see a ton of opportunity in commitment. I think that this is a prime situation to be in where I could be the leading example.

This time around, I’m choosing my obsessions. I’m going to be in control, and I’m going to OWN the fuck out of this life of mine.

It’s time to become obsessed with documenting my experiences as I do this shit.

There’s so much content to create.




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