Yeah, it’s about to get woo-woo as fuck up in this bitch.

I believe that the most creative things are created when a person surrenders their creativity to the Universe.

I know, here we go with this “new age” bullshit, but hear me out.

Did you know that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ad-libbed the phrase “I had a dream” when he stood in front of all those people in front of the Lincoln Memorial?

A gospel singer was standing behind him as he was reading his speech notes and whispered to him, “Tell them about the dream, Martin! Tell them about the dream!” Then, MLK whipped out the “I had a dream” phrase and changed the world.

Whatever you ask from the Universe, it will pay.

And the only way to ask something from the Universe, is to take action.

These are the three steps I take in order to allow the universe to hook it up with that good-good.

  1. I put myself into an environment where I want the creativity to spawn.

    If you’re a writer, you need to something to write on. If you create videos, you need to have that camera in your hands or in front of you. If you like growing things, you need to be a garden. If you want to be social, go to a place where there’s a ton of people.

    This may seem like common sense, but I think that a lot of people wait until they’re in the mood to create, that they never even put themselves in a situation where they can actually do whatever it is that they’re suppose to do.

  2. I absolve myself of any responsibility for making anything significant and just start “going through the movements.”

    Unless you’re incredibly inspired and have a great idea that you’re already working on, give yourself permission to flow freely. Remove the stress of having to fulfill any kind of criteria and just begin doing whatever it is that you need to do.

  3. I continue with “going through the movements” until something catches and I hit my stride.

    You need to be attentive to when it hits you. For me it’s usually extremely subtle. Most times, I find myself deep into a creative thought without even noticing that I’m 400 words deep into a 200 word post.

These three steps, done consistently over long periods of time will, without doubt, give you incredible creativity. Even if you don’t make anything that is up to your standard that day, you still got out there and put in the time to practice your craft.

Not only did you put in great practice time, but with every creative session you inadvertently teach yourself that you are in charge of your creativity. YOU dictate when it comes out of you and you are NOT a slave to inspiration, nor are you in a constant search for a muse.

If you implement this three step process every day for a long period of time (months and years) you will be in a position to possibly create something truly amazing every day of your life.

Most of it will be shit, trust me.

But all you need is that one special time when it isn’t shit, and it’ll all be worth it. Then, that feeling will fade and you’ll be back on your creative grind, creating more and more shit, until BAM! You pump out another decent piece of work.

That’s the long term process and it always starts with the three steps.


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