Every passing day is a chance to lay exactly one brick down towards building the palace of your life.

When you’re only allowed to place a single brick down each day, you aren’t just going to toss that motherfucker down. You’re going to make sure it’s the right brick and you’re going to lay it down with precision and confidence.

You’re going to get really good at laying down your bricks.

You’re going to see that each day is connected to the last. Each week relies upon the week prior. Mistakes, although inevitable, have massive implications.

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in situations where you’ll have to demolish months of work in order to rebuild things correctly. There’s going to be days, weeks–months even–where you feel like you haven’t laid a single brick down.

But regardless of how you feel, you have to remember that every day, you’re responsible for laying that motherfucking brick down in order to build your palace.

Know that every passing day has a greater meaning to it than the simple events that occur within them.

Every day, whether you think it’s a good day or bad, builds towards tomorrow, which builds towards the completion of the week, and the month, and the next, and all the subsequent years afterward.

No one builds a legitimate palace without a plan, and every solid plan will have its failures. But each failure will teach you a lesson, and every lesson will teach you a better way to build your palace.

Build something that you’re proud of, yes, but don’t forget that how you’re building it is where all the satisfaction comes from.


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