3 Things That Will Give MEANING TO YOUR LIFE.

  1. A project.
  2. A significant relationship.
  3. A Redemptive view of suffering.

Frankl learned there are three things that give meaning to life: first, a project; second, a significant relationship; and third, a redemptive view of suffering. He realized that if people, even in the bleakest of circumstances, have a job to do, something to return to tomorrow, then they have a reason to live another day.
― Jeff Goins

The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do

I’m extremely fortunate that I can wake up every day and work hard.

…But the elephant in the room still stands.

From my hard work, how many people am I able to effectively give value to?

Yes, my ungrateful employer can reap the benefits of my labor. My limited number of coworkers and immediate supervisors are also reaping the benefits of my most earnest capabilities, but there’s something inside of me that knows I have the ability to reach beyond a dozen or so people.

I really believe that I have it within me to bring value to billions of people.

I have this undying urge to really take my specific life outlook and persona to the highest levels possible. If I can cultivate and create long lasting and extremely positive social dynamics in small settings, I could only imagine how many people could benefit from me exploiting such an attribute to the highest levels possible.

What’s interesting is that right now, as bleak and mundane as my personal circumstance may seem to me at this moment, I have nothing but pure confidence that the struggles that I’m currently facing are the exact struggles that I need in order to become the person that I truly want to be.

I’m not a believer in such sayings like, “Oh, well the children in Africa wish they had your kind of problems.”

Fuck that. Of course they don’t.

They’re in fucking Africa starving and shit.

Demeaning your problems with the harder problems of others won’t do anything but make you feel good about yourself. Having higher level problems means that you’re living life at higher levels of being. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m a fucking problem solver, not a complainer.

So, going back to that quote up there:

  1. This blog and my future vlog are my current long term projects.
  2. I have a beautiful, caring and amazing girlfriend that is completely worth investing in and cultivating my love with.
  3. I know that the obstacle is the way. The struggles that I have are the chisel chips that I need in order to sculpt a life worth standing back and looking at in awe.

I’ve got a ton of meaning for this life of mine.

Now it’s time to fucking live it.


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