Asian man laughing as he scans the horizon.

In The Beginning…

Well, here we are again.

Numerous times in the past I’ve tried to start a blog only to ultimately “cleanse” (delete all my shit) in order to start anew. Well, this is my new, and final, foray into the world of digitally written horseshit, and I have much horseshit to contribute to the endlessly growing pile.

I do believe, that this one is special.

No really. Listen to me. This one is special as fuck and I plan on making this (creating content) my full-time job in about three years, tops. No biggie.

Just watch me.

So, what’s my master plan? 

  1. Create a site and start writing regularly.
    – 200 words a day, minimum.
  2. Create content that I want to consume.
    – I’m most likely going to be the only mother fucker to consume it. I really like hearing myself talk, so that’s good.
  3.  Develop certain days for specialized topics.
    – As creating content become more of a habit, I plan on creating themes for the weekdays.
    – Down the road, I plan on making larger themes for the months. Doing 30-day challenges and documenting my experiences will be a huge role in the type of content that I plan on making in the long term.
  4. Start a YouTube channel and begin Vlogging. 
    – At some point, I need to transition to video if I ever want to tap into the mindless youtube rabbit hole audiences.
  5. Create products or tools that people could use to help them do some of the things that I’ve done.
    – We’ll worry about this when I get there.

I have a pretty decent sized backlog of past writings that I’ve saved, so I’ll be sifting through them for inspiration, refinement, and possible reposting.

I have no idea why I want to create content.

I get so much from laying out my thoughts in a presentable form. There’s something meditative and soothing about having a spark of intangible inspiration, then molding and shaping it into something that I could stand back and look at with pride.

The first step is simply to start.


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